Artist statement
In my artworks I deal with theme of perception and relation of objective and subjective reality.

I transform exciting themes from abstract world to physical world. Blurry and muddy pieces of the prism of my perception are forming a specific picture.

Endless repeating of the same things changes the original meaning.

Because of it appears a feeling of a haze which transforms my world vision.

I also use a method of failure, I recycle of completely destroy my artworks.

A variety of materials and techniques creates wide opportunities for variability of their using.
"Replication", Sound installation
Time and memory are shaky concepts, and each one of them are affected by external factors.
For example, the passing of time depens on gravity. In this case, can we say that time is relative to the observer?
Does the time exist or did we just imagine it for description and categorization of all the changes happening? Is the entropy the only thing existing? Can we go through the realization of time to the understanding of our own extremity? Traumatic events often change past factors. Time causes a distortion of events and a substitution of interpretations, so can we trust our memory? Is a personal experience the only thing that matters to us, or is there a general histrorical memory that affects on it, on its perception and the perceptions in general?
Time and memory are two undivided concepts, so can we say that they are an irrational part of life motivated by absurd because there are no clear ideas of them on science, and there are only different theories that can't exist together.
In my work I question it all by the collision with a personal auditory past and the past in general.
Past is a material time for us, and we come to the understanding of future time and the "ephemeral " time exactly by its comprehension.
b. 1994, Moscow, Russia

2016-2018 - British High School of Art and Design
2012-2016 - Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts (BA)

The Library 118, Exhibition of contemporary art «Infinite need or need the Infinite?», Moscow, Russia, 2019
Library-media center, international exhibition "Mutatio Art Laboratory Pink Grig", Moscow, Russia, 2019
"Ritual", the special project of The VI Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Winzavod.Open, Moscow, 2018
"DESIGN NEXT" Science art collaboration project «Evolution» with Moscow State University, Central House of Artist, 2018
"180" Artplay, 2017
"DO; FOYO". part 2" A3 gallery, 2017
"The Chrysalids" performance, Nikola-Lenivec, 2017
"DO; FOYO. part 1" A3 gallery, 2017
"The Way of message" K35 gallery, 2017
"PROlight" The Tunnel gallery, 2017
"ART tree" Schusev State Museum of Architecture, 2016
"XXXV Youth Exhibition" The Union of Artist Russia, 2015
+7 (906) 7435091
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